A Champion’s Delivery Secrets

I am reading Chris Gayle, the Six Machine’s, autobiography.1 Something which I found compelling there, l wish to share:

“The strong mind is what allows you to score big runs and dismantle big attacks, not the perfect front elbow or the back-lift that points straight to second slip .… Read the rest

When God Walks In

Into the locked room he came in; just like that!

Suddenly, the men who were in fear; saw Jesus.

The Crucified One.… Read the rest

“Hosanna”—Meet Your King!

Emperors and generals have ridden into cities in triumphal processions in the annals of human history. But none of them have captured the imagination of the masses or have had such enduring appeal to people across all cultures and nations like the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday two thousand years ago amidst the cries of “Hosanna.”… Read the rest