Saturday Awaits a Sonrise

Saturday is when nothing seems to happen. That is the day Jesus lay dead in the tomb. But that was not the end. The Sonrise was about to happen. And it will happen in your life too. Have hope.
Jesus died in weakness. He bled to death on a cross. It was our sins and it’s due punishment that he carried on himself. On Saturday he lay dead in a tomb.
Saturday stands for our hopes being dashed. This happens in our lives. It’s a time we feel helpless and despair. It’s a time we see no way ahead. For God whom we thought will help seems far away.
Yet Saturday is that time of silence and darkness that the Spirit of God is at work the most. He is preparing to show his mighty power on our behalf.
Have you locked yourself up in your own discouragement? Weeping may remain for a night but rejoicing comes in the morning said King David. He knew that Saturday awaits a Sonrise. Then the power of God will be unleashed in your life.
And you will rise up in God’s strength from all your defeats. For the Son of God has risen from the dead. And there will be the same Sonrise in your life with better hopes, better dreams, and better tomorrows.
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