Inspirational “I Will Not Forget You” Speech

If I were to tell you, “I will not forget you,” the chances are that I will. Life is busy and when other priorities get the upper hand, you will soon be forgotten once you are out of my sight.

But when God says, “I will not forget you”, there is absolutely no way he is going to forget you, ever!

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First of all, God loves you and cares for you. Therefore he will not forget you. Do you doubt whether he is interested in all the small things of life that trouble you? He is concerned for you and looks on you with favour.

Secondly, God remembers the love you have for him. He knows the times you stumbled. He has seen your earnest tears. He values your thankful heart. More than all these, he appreciates your spending time in his presence. Yes, God will not forget you.

Thirdly, God uses an unforgettable argument to make you remember that he will not forget you. He asks whether a mother can forget the baby at her breast and show no compassion on the child she has borne? Even if she forgets, which is highly unlikely, God says “I will not forget you.”

So if you are feeling lost and helpless, forsaken and misunderstood, lonely and without hope, this is God’s message for you today: “I will not forget you!”

Bible references: Isaiah 44:21; 49:15, Ezekiel 36:9, Hebrews 6:10.

Many years ago, I delivered a sermon in CSI M. M. Church, Thiruvananthapuram. The sermon was based on Isaiah 49:15. It was the month of March. And this is how I began and concluded the sermon.

Sermon Introduction: “This is the month of March and it is the festive season of autographs.” [In a few quick sentences I explained how in Schools and Colleges, Students write autographs for their friends and in the coming years what is written is soon forgotten.]

Sermon Conclusion: “This is the month of March and it is the festive season of autographs. And God in a fresh new page of your autograph book writes in the blood of his Son Jesus, ‘I will not forget you.’ “

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