Meet the Risen Jesus

Hope came to this world like never before when Jesus rose alive from the dead. That hope is yours for the taking.

Jesus Christ, risen from the dead, gifts you his peace and his constant presence. “I am with you always,” is his assurance. Let that promise drive away your fear.

Doubt no longer. Death has been conquered. It has been swallowed up in his victory. His life has triumphed over death.

Therefore be filled with joy. Let hope arise in your hearts. For Jesus lives! The Risen Jesus shows you the same compassion he showed to all while he walked on earth. His love for you is everlasting.

So fear not. You too will live. The blood that he shed on the cross has made peace between you and God. Now there is nothing that stands between God and you. Your sins have been washed away. You stand clean before God.

Without doubt, the resurrection of Jesus challenges us to answer the question “Where am I headed to?” Is it to heaven? Or to hell? On your life’s busy road he stands: asking you to repent, turn away from evil, and choose life. The gate is small and the road, he said, is narrow. But it leads to eternal life.

Therefore say yes to Jesus, the Son of God; the Crucified and Risen One; King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

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