Curse Words Children Use Rob Their Innocence

Curse words and dirty swear words have become fashionable.  Movies, music, and friends make them common. But do they rob children of their innocence? Yes. 

Children use curse words often without thinking. They imitate either their parents, friends or what they see in movies. This then becomes a bad habit. 

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Who is to blame? Society today is going from permissiveness to  permissiveness. Children are exposed to swear words and curse words everywhere. And it is quite possible that they pick up a few of them.

But where lies the real trouble? It is in the negative impact it creates on other children. It hurts their esteem, dignity, and emotional well-being. 

Is there any way this trend can be controlled? Probably, teachers can play a role for at school children use curse words profusely.

Teachers can tell students that words do hurt badly. They can advise that words, especially the swear words and curse words, once spoken are like pouring hot burning oil into the mind of others. It burns the sensitive minds of those listening. 

Children need to be reminded that their innocent minds are being corrupted by ugly caricatures of what is lovely and pure when they use explicit swear words. What is happening now is a loss of innocence; a loss of childhood which should be healthy fun and laughter. 

The use of bad words in public by little children should be a matter of concern. It shows how children grow up without proper care, attention, or discipline. If only children understood that use of curse words is not a sign of bravado but instead it is a sign of weakness and lack of moral strength and character!

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