You Are Invited to LIFE

Why should you be invited to life? Aren’t you living already? Or is there life beyond life as we know it? These are important questions. The answers can impact your life more than you can imagine.

Let me invite you to look at this grand statement of truth in the Bible which says: “In him was life, and that life was the light of men.”1

Blood Jesus Cleanse

In Jesus was found true life. That means the life of God himself. A life that showed to us that there is hope when everything around us is filled with despair; joy even when there is heartbreak; light in the midst of thick darkness; forgiveness we do not deserve; and life that death cannot steal.

His life shows you that God is merciful, compassionate, good, and kind-hearted. His life is always a welcome to you to reach out and grip his nail-pierced hands which bled on the cross for you.

There is something about Jesus that is full of life—abundant life, eternal life, and joy-filled life. There is peace in his life that is not absence from activities but the calm and serene authority in the midst of being busy at the marketplace.

And he is your invitation to life—life which has the expectant hope of some day being like him and enjoying the presence of God.

This life is not an end of oneself or dissolving of oneself or nirvana or rebirth of oneself. But it is knowing God and being able to love him just as you are now; and in a far better way when your death is conquered by his life in you.

Therefore choose life. And it will become the light in your life. It means that in Jesus you’ll find a true knowledge of God as your Father in heaven who cares for you.

Let me end by saying that you should not miss this opportunity to life by being busy with the worries of your daily earthly living. Choose life—life that is found in Jesus!

1John 1:4

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