1 Minute Speech for School Children on the Importance of Education

Dear friends,

Education is not just literacy. In other words a literate person may not be educated at all. The point is that education is about having a goal—the goal of equipping a person face life well.

Education is not just having academic knowledge about subjects prescribed to be learned. Instead it should aim at the holistic development of a student—cultural, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and physical.

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One of the hallmarks of good education is how it has helped a person put to practical use the knowledge he has gained. Without this practical wisdom, education is a failure.

Another area where education should play a critical role is in the area of civic responsibility. Have you not seen educated people thoughtlessly throw a banana peel on the road while they travel in a car? What good is education if a person cannot see the harm he is doing to the public by his thoughtless and selfish act?

Unfortunately, today education has become a business in many circles. That adds to the cut throat spirit of competition in the marketplace. On the other hand education should vigorously aim to instill moral values in students.

To conclude, let me say that teachers and education should enable a person to see and to observe, to think and to talk and act with the good of others in mind. Without development of integrity and character, without learning to respect others; education cannot be said to have hit the mark. But when education ignites the mind and inspires the heart, then truly light shines in the darkness! Thank you.

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