1 Minute Speech on God’s Mercy for You

“Have mercy on me, O God, according to your unfailing love;1” is a prayer that God is sure to answer.

For God’s mercy is everlasting. It is immeasurable. It is ever available to you.

You might feel unworthy to come to God’s presence. But mercy is given exactly to people like you who feel like a worm and worthless.

If you are broken in heart because of your sin, your mistakes, your failure or any other reason you can think of, come to God who will show you mercy.

Blood Jesus Cleanse

If it is sin, there is a fountain of cleansing opened for you.
If it is mistakes you have made, there is with God the possibility of making good to come out of them.
It it is failure of some kind, and you are thoroughly defeated, still God will give you hope and strength to rise up.
All this because you cannot exhaust his mercy.

“O God, help me” is a prayer to which he responds with full attention.
“O God, remember me” is a cry he hears even when death is creeping in through the doors.
When you feel forsaken, rejected, alone, and having no strength to take even one more step; then cry out to God. You will find mercy.

Oh, the riches of God’s mercy! It is undeserved kindness towards us. He remembers that we are but dust and has great compassion on us.

So my dear friend, do not stay away. Do not doubt. But just come. That is all God is asking from you. Come in faith that he is merciful and will accept you with open arms.

The hands that stretched wide on the cross and bled is the surest sign of God’s great mercy to you that is wider than you can think or imagine. So come and find mercy.

Do not delay to come to God. The Bible says soon someday this world will see the wrath of God against sin and evil; and the judgement of God. Then the door of mercy will be no longer open.
1Psalm 51:1 Bible

Jesus—the Friend of Sinners!

Jesus of Nazareth Our Burden-Bearer

Jesus Is Risen!

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