Life Is a Face-to-Face with Problems!

A life without problems does not exist even in fairy tales. Oh yes, they all have happy endings which come only after the hero or heroine endures a lot of difficulties.

So we are left with only one option–that is to face problems with courage, with trust in God, with optimism and with hope.

I believe it is a combination of several positive attitudes that are needed to face problems in life. Let me mention a few of them:

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One, do not see problems with a magnifying glass. If you do so, they become bigger than real and you naturally feel helpless.

Two, do not think that all who smile all the time have no problems in life. Often they are those who have learned to be joyous in spite of difficulties in life.

Three, travel with hope. You can lose your money, misplace your luggage, have your goods stolen, and even lose your way. Yet there is one thing no one can take away from you–and that is hope.

Four, never ever think that other’s problems are easier to bear for them than your problems are for you. It is simply untrue. The truth is that each problem is unique for the one who bears it. What makes it bearable is grace–divine help and support in troubles.

Finally, try thanking God for problems in life. It was never easy for anyone to do so. But thanking God has several benefits. It puts God on your side.

That doesn’t solve your problems. But it gives you an ability to see it from a different perspective.

A simple way to understand it is to imagine yourself climbing to the top of the nearest hill when you get lost in a forest. You might then be able to see the best approach to take to find a way out.

Again, thanking God makes you a victor over your circumstances instead of you being made a helpless victim of your negative circumstances. See, problems can make you bitter or better. It is all in how you face it.

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