Do You Hold a Grudge?

Forgiving someone who has done you harm or wronged you in some way is not easy. We hold a grudge against a person who has wronged us. This can go on for years.

But consider. Who are you harming in the long run? It is you yourself. I do not know about the chemical changes that happen in the body due to this; but I can assure you it is certainly negative.
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You are like a person poisoning yourself a little bit each day. You fail to enjoy the good things of life because the grudge you hold in your heart colours your emotions black and ugly. No matter what you do the grudge puts up its ugly head to distract and discomfort you.

Having said this much, is there any solution to it? Saying that you should forgive the person is easy. Because no matter what you do you are unable to forget the wrong that the person did to you. You might even get angry and burst out at the one who suggests to you to forgive the other.

That’s quite normal. But should it be left like that? Therefore seek God’s help. If you sincerly ask him for wisdom to deal with the situation, he will give it to you without finding fault.

The point is it is humanly impossible to let go of a grudge. Because it persists. It irritates. It clouds your mind and thinking. It makes you hate.

I don’t have solutions. But I know only to point you to the One who can provide you the grace to let go the grudge you have. Seek God and his help today. For his mercy is great and his compassions never fail. He will surely help you to give up the grudge you have.

Maybe it doesn’t happen like you switch on the lights. But when God gives you grace, there will be a diluting of acidity that has been eating away the peace in your heart and mind.

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