Distractions Drug You to Lose in Life

Usain Bolt, one of the greatest sprinters the world has seen, wrote in his autobiography1: “Distraction for one hundredth of a second might be enough to lose a race.” In this modern world of gadgets when most of us spend too much time on our mobiles, distractions, especially caused by time spent on social media can drug you to lose in life.

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Why do I use the word drug? Because drugs cause addiction. And who will disagree that social media is so addictive that you simply cannot control the urge to check and recheck and scroll through the reels and trolls and status updates.

Now the impact of distractions can be felt in a few areas: Losing focus, losing a sense of priorities, and losing the sense of responsibility are some of those.

First of all let me talk about focus. Take the example of a student preparing for the upcoming exams. Think about the student having books on one side and chatting on the mobile at the same time. It is like trying to pilot a plane while also trying to drive a car.

Secondly, let me talk about losing a sense of priorities. Time is limited. So not one of us can accomplish anything worthwhile in life without establishing priorities. That tells us what is urgent, important, can wait, and not needed. But distractions often make us spend valuable time on minor things, things that don’t matter, and what is frivolous.

Thirdly, let me talk about losing the sense of responsibility. Take the example of a mother of school kids and also a professional. If the mother spends long hours with her mobile, she is not doing justice to her prime responsibility of caring for her children. And one cannot find fault if her kids too just snug her and watch all that she is watching.

Let me conclude. My dear friends, life is short. And today, distractions are stealing away much time from your life. You are losing focus, losing a sense of priorities and also the sense of responsibility. So say no to distractions and avoid being drugged to lose in life. The decision is yours. Take it now!
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1Usain Bolt | Faster Than Lightning | My Story | Published by Harper Collins

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