A Champion’s Delivery Secrets

I am reading Chris Gayle, the Six Machine’s, autobiography.1 Something which I found compelling there, l wish to share:

“The strong mind is what allows you to score big runs and dismantle big attacks, not the perfect front elbow or the back-lift that points straight to second slip . . .

“The determination to deliver. Being ready to endure whatever it takes to get the job done. Using those barbs can spur you on. Then you will make it, no matter what they put in your way. Trus’ mi.” (Page 45).

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Having played a lot of cricket in my school days, I understand the value of what this great player says. It is not just about doing things right; but it is more about the will to win, the will to endure, the will to go the extra mile, and never stopping until there is victory.

Having that burning desire to win is what differentiates a champion from an ordinary player and stamps his or her legacy with excellence. When the stage is big and the audience demanding and expecting the very best, champions raise the level of their game to extraordinary heights.

He also speaks about himself as a gladiator wearing a mask. And he also speaks many times about the truth that “You can’t live in the darkness. You must come into the light.”

That means there is no time for wallowing in the past failures and mistakes; there is no time to despair but only hope; and there is no looking back or feeling miserable over coming close to losing your wicket. There is no time for regrets. Only look forward to victory.

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