2 Minute Speech for School Children On Science and Development

From the time the first wheel started rolling, the world has progressed in leaps and bounds. When the wheel gathered momentum and speed with the arrival of the combustion engine, a new era had dawned in human history.

Soon, it was man’s turn to fly. Travel became faster. And with the arrival of telephones, television, computers, and mobile phones the world shrank to a global village. With the arrival of the internet and a variety of software applications most routine activities like shopping and banking is now at the fingertips.

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All this has influenced how people live. Life has become faster and easier. At the same time, this kind of easy life has impacted man’s health as well. Instead of physical activity which can help reduce stress, modern gadgets and equipment has compelled man to move to a sedentary life style.

At the same time we cannot forget the developments science has made in the field of medicine. We even have robotic surgery today. Even when several diseases like Aids and Cancer still plague a good majority of the world’s population the life-saving and health improving developments in the field of medicine are commendable.

Technology has also changed the face of education and the classroom. Teachers and teaching have an added dimension in virtual classrooms. The advantage of this is that the best education can be availed by people even in remote villages if electricity and internet connectivity can be provided. This is a remarkable achievement even when Internet or the Information Super Highway has opened for a man a lot of avenues for exploring evil as well.

That is why whether science is a bane or boon has been debated for a long time now. We have benefited much from science. We owe much to the sacrificial contribution of scientists and researchers worldwide. But in the hand of men with devilish intent, science can be used for destructive purposes as well. Here checks have to be made by appeal to the human conscience and wherever possible by laws and international treaties and understanding.

Another area where man has tried to probe is space. Space exploration is throwing open new horizons and knowledge. Weather forecast and telecommunications have had significant improvement because of satellites in orbit.

However, there is this haunting thought. Every step that man takes forward in science reveals the smallness of man. It tells us how much more is there for man to know under the microscope as well as in the stellar galaxies and beyond.

It is true that science has created great progress. But several inventions like the dynamite and the atom bomb have already created havoc in this world. Not to mention the thoughtless use of plastic. Or for that matter technology invading relationships through the arrival of social media. Do you think your privacy is not under threat when you browse the internet or make a purchase online? You are under watchful eyes of those interested in their market empires. So technology has its downside and hope that frightens you a little bit!

Now let me conclude. Science can be a great instrument in peace and development. At the same time the hope that science will create heaven on earth is largely a myth. Simply because man’s behaviour has not altered over the centuries. And in the hands of the wrong people or a bad decision by a person in leadership science might script the final showdown of man’s history on earth someday. Yes friends, time will prove what is truth.

2 Minute Speech on God Versus Science Debate

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