A Child’s Dream About the Future

A child will always dream about the future and I am no exception. I wish to make myself a success in future. My dream today is to become a doctor. I would like to be a child specialist. This is because I love children. To be able to care of children will give me great joy because it not only helps the children but also helps the parents as well.

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To become a Paediatrician I will study hard. I will focus sharply on my goal and will not allow distractions like movies and video games to sidetrack me from my goal.

The next step that I will take is to find out about the best medical colleges in India as well as outside the country where I can study. Learning about such colleges will inspire me and keep me motivated to achieve my goal.

But the best motivation to me comes from the joy of seeing the smiles on children’s faces whom I will treat. A child helped means that I have touched the destiny of that child. If there are healthy children that means there is a healthy tomorrow. It means that there will be people to lead the future.

Then my goal becomes more meaningful. So let me conclude by saying that I wish to become a Paediatrician in the future and bring health, healing and lovely smiles to all young children. This is my dream and my future.

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