“Call to Me and I Will Answer You” Is the Invitation and Promise of Prayer

If you can live without breathing, you can live without prayer. Many people miss the joy of prayer because it is always made to be too sacred and religious.

But prayer is an open invitation to all: “Call to me and I will answer you”1 is God’s invitation and promise.

Even a child can pray. Interestingly, toys and gifts will occupy a major portion of the wish list of any child. God welcomes that.

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Why? He is not an alien in a remote planet. But he is your heavenly Father. He loves to listen to his child speak with him. If you are his son or daughter, just walk up to him and say, “I love you Abba Father!”

Yes, love is the language of prayer. But often we approach God thinking of him as a strict school master with a cane in hand. Of course, God judges wrong in his children and disciplines them as any loving and responsible parent would.

But more than that he wants you approach him with love and confidence and freedom as a child in the family. You are free to request him anything. You can be honest with God with your pain, your shame, your frustration and your worry. He listens to it all.

But then so many give up praying because answers are delayed; and sometimes requests denied. We need to admit that there are many questions we don’t have an answer to. That doesn’t mean God has not heard your prayers.

All your tears are in his record.

There is something more that happens in prayer than you can think of: With the passing of time prayer changes you. Your situations might not change; but in your heart there will be a rising courage, a gift of grace, a daring faith to believe, and a surplus of patience to see you through.

Along with it your heart will melt in tears seeing the holiness of an awesome God come near to you in love, compassion, and understanding like no human being can!

Yes, there is something more that happens in prayer than you can think of: With the passing of time your desires begin to take the shape of what pleases God. Your wish list then is signed, “Give me what you think is best.” You then like an obedient child trust your heavenly Father to provide what is best.

Finally, prayer achieves a beauty and loveliness when your heart and lips unite to thank and praise God for all that he is. It is then that you desire to be near God without asking anything. But being in his risen presence itself becomes prayer.

Above all, when we struggle in prayer; God himself draws near to give us wisdom and words, help and hope to rise above all discouragement in prayer.
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1Jeremiah 33:3 Bible

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