2 Minute Speech on the Meaning of Life!

Good morning one and all.

Life is precious. It is God’s gift to you. It is so unique that there is no one else on earth like you. There never was; and never will be.

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Life, again, is an opportunity. It is an opportunity to do good. Therefore it does not matter how long you live; all that matters is how well you live. And how many lives you are able to touch with love and encouragement.

Another thought is that life is always shadowed by death. All people have to face it. He or she is a wise man or woman who is prepared to meet death when it comes. It is a sense of readiness. It is also an expectation to pass through the bridge of death to life eternal.

Interestingly,the secret of life is best revealed to those who are not bound by their possessions. They are untouched by worry and the changing fortunes of life. They are people who do not live by adding things to life but by measuring their life by things they can do without.

Life above all is a stewardship. It is a trust entrusted to you. Such an understanding of life makes you keenly aware that you are answerable to God for all the time, talent, treasure, and opportunity he as gifted you with.

This is in tune with the Biblical truth that “man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment.” The balancing truth is that wrongs faced in this world will be made right; that God will wipe every tear from the eyes of his children, and good done will be rewarded.

It is this hope that makes life worth living. And it is in loving relationships nurtured within family and friendships that make life beautiful. Life is also made purposeful by knowing one’s role in one’s family, or one’s place of work, or society at large; and playing that role well.

Finally, there is an irresistible hope at the end of life’s journey for those who have trusted the One who said, “I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die*.” Is there a better hope in life than this? Thank you.

Speech II: What Better Hope in Life Do You Have Than This?

The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead stands as a gateway of hope to all mankind. In him is found the bridge from death to life.

What does his resurrection; that mighty demonstration of God’s incomparably great power, mean to us today? It means that God’s power has brought to our lives a better perspective, a better attitude, and a better certainty.

#1. A Better Perspective
The resurrection of Jesus Christ challenges us to see life through a larger frame. If death is not the end of life and there is a beyond; then surely life on earth is a preparation. The longest years on earth are but a drop in the vast ocean of timelessness that awaits man beyond life’s final curtain. So let us see life in perspective of eternity.

#2. A Better Attitude
The resurrection of Jesus Christ challenges us to live life on a higher plane: To have hope instead of despair; to have joy in difficult times; to be courageous even in defeat; to find acceptance in God’s love when others reject; and to step out free from fears that hold us prisoners. So let us put on this new attitude and “soar on wings like eagles!”

#3. A Better Certainty
The resurrection of Jesus Christ challenges us not to be uncertain any more.

He came to “free those who all their lives were held in slavery by their fear of death,” by tasting death for everyone. This he did on the cross where he shed his precious blood for the sins of all.

And having tasted death, he came back to life; for it was impossible for death to hold the Author of life, Jesus Christ, the sinless One, the Son of the living God.

Yes, the resurrection of Jesus Christ has destroyed death’s dominion forever. Therefore the gateway of hope stands open. “The earth will give birth to her dead”; “Multitudes who sleep in the dust of the earth will awake,” and those who had put their trust in him will enter into the joy of unending life!

In conclusion, let me tell you that:

Ultimately, the resurrection of Jesus challenges us to answer the question “Where am I headed to? Is it to heaven or hell? Like a fork in the road he stands challenging you to choose life. The gate is small and the road, he said, is narrow. But it leads to eternal life.

“To this day many a man refuses Christ, not because he puzzles intellect, but because he challenges his life.”

–William Barclay John’s Gospel Commentary, Vol. 1, P 227.

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*Jesus Christ (John’s Gospel Chapter 11 Verses 25 and 26.)

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