Do You Know the Good News?

Do you know the good news?
Jesus came to bleed and die on the cross.
He died in your place taking your punishment upon him.

But why should you be punished at all if you are good?
Well, even a good person will say that not everything is right in his heart and in this world.
There is something gone wrong with all of us.
There is the shadow of death everywhere.

But why is this so?
Because sin or rebellion against God came to this world through our first parents.
And we have inherited that tendency to disobey God.
Our hearts are deceitful; not loving the truth.
We need God’s mercy and forgiveness.

Blood Jesus Cleanse

And God offers it for you at the cross where Jesus bled and died.
So, turn away from all wrong and look to him.
Because Jesus lives, we too can find life in him.
It is God’s free gift to you!
That is the good news of God.

Hope Unending

Would You Be Free from the Burden of Sin

Praying Woman