I Believe in Failures! Coach Impacts a Defeated Team with this Inspiring Speech!

I talk to you today because I’ve been there.
Not once or twice, but many times.

I know what it feels like to be discouraged.
I know what it feels like being a failure.
I know what it feels like when all around you people are full of fun and happiness but you are down.

Yes friends, discouragement has put more people in the side benches than have casualties in war.
It has sapped the strength of talented people committed to their cause and calling.
It has taken away from people their confidence.
It has made people forget that there is a purpose for which they can live for.

I hope I am not speaking to listeners far away, but to you.
Yes, to you, who now with dropping shoulders stand before me with that desperate look in your eyes as if there is no tomorrow.

Let me thunder in your ears.
The night shall not remain.
The dawn will break.
And you shall rise from your bed of despair with renewed strength and hope.

First of all, know that someone believes in you.
Yes, I along with God, believe in failures.
I believe your rotten performance today cannot erase what you truly are within you.

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Secondly, recall your best moments.
Recollect your preparation, enthusiasm and hard work that made it happen.
Simply believe it can happen again.
But believing alone is not enough.
Take that one small step.
Do not wait for inspiration.
Your first step to once again do what you always did best will soon gather momentum.
Soon you will be back into winning ways again.

Hey team, you are talented; but talent will not take you places.
What you need is grit.
A game lost; a trophy not won is not the end of life.
Fame is a bubble; when for a moment all lights flash on you.
But today, we show character when all eyes are turned away from us.
Yes, we choose, to stay undefeated in our failures!

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