Motivational Speech: The LORD Is My Shepherd

Almost known to all, the words “The LORD is my shepherd”1 bring comfort and strength to troubled hearts.

It assures us that we belong to Someone who cares. It reminds us that we are not forgotten and never away from his ever-watchful eye.

He is a shepherd to many. Yet he is mine and I am his in a very special way. I am intimately known to him by name.

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He cares enough to feed me and give me needed rest. I err many times; but he disciplines me with his rod.

Not to wound me but that I might not lose my way and perish! In that discipline I find comfort.

I never need to worry about what I need. He supplies it all. He knows what is best for me and he provides. What is not good for me; he denies.

There are no secrets in my life not known to him. There is absolutely nothing in my life that does not matter to him. All that concerns me is his concern too.

It’s a long journey ahead but he has gone before me. And I find everything prepared for me. Even when those who oppose me are watching he satisfies me with what is good with a surplus added.

Oh, how I love his special attention given me even when life is busy and no one else finds time to even ask how I am doing!

The skies become cloudy at times. And the walk takes me through valleys that are dark and frightening. Dangers lurk there at every step. But I have this one assurance, he is with me.

One thing I know. And that keeps me going. Goodness and mercy will come to me; and I have a place in my Shepherd’s heart and home forever!

“I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep”

— Jesus Christ (John 10:11 Bible).
1Psalm 23:1 by King David

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