Make Money. Grow Rich. Love More!

Let me start with what money cannot buy. It cannot buy love, it cannot buy friendship, it cannot buy peace; but it might save you time and get you temporary happiness.

Money is neither good or evil. When money is in your control it is good; but when money becomes your master you become its slave. And when you start loving money even your loved ones can feel like an obstacle or barrier in fulfiling your goals in life.

With the solemn warning that the love of money, not money as such, is the root of all kinds of evil1; let me try to give you a few tips on how to make money and grow rich.

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First of all, make money grow little by little2. Small amounts add up. Small savings starting from your pocket money add up. Save a little every month and keep it aside. Someday when it is a rainy day, what you saved on a sunny day will certainly come to your aid.

Secondly, do not live on borrowed money. Of course buying a car, having an education loan, or constructing a house are exceptions and not the norm. Live within your means and with what is in your hand. Use credit cards with caution and use it wisely.

Hoped-for-money is not yours until you are rewarded for honest hard work; for no one has ever earned a gold medal for laziness! What you need is not more money but wise management of money you already have.

Thirdly, start to give. There are many who need a helping hand in life. The more you give the less worry you have in life. When you can give out of compassion, when you give to help make someone live with respect and dignity; you touch more lives than you dream of.

You needn’t wait for big money in your hand to start giving. Start today, start now with even a ten rupee note in your hand. You know what, giving can be the wisest investment you make in your lifetime for all eternity.

Finally, avoid unnecessary expenses. This in itself will make you earn more than you expect. Switch off lights and fans when you are not in the room. Do not buy little trinkets on impulse when you see them.

If you can walk to the store, why should you take your car out? There are more creative ways in which you can save and double your money than you have probably so far thought about.

Above all, trust God for your finances. You can be poor but if you can seek God’s wisdom for wise stewardship of your limited resources; then you can live on what is available. The fact is that there are so many things in life you can easily do without.

At the end of the day, and beside your grave, all that matters is how rich in life you were in being loved. No man or woman is rich by hoarding up money and never blessing others with it. So let me end now saying, “Make money, grow rich, love more!”

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