Surely the Day Is Coming: Motivation for Watchful Living

“Surely the day is coming; It will burn like a furnace,” says the Bible.1  These words written by God-breathed inspiration nearly 2400 years ago is moving at the speed of light to its fearful and inescapable prophetic fulfillment.

Surely that day is coming.  People can laugh at it, scorn at the improbability of it, and mock the truth of it. But it will come.  If you see warning signs and are not motivated to watch out; you alone are responsible. 

Surely that day is coming.  Look around you.  Take earthquakes or floods or storms, wars, or the pandemic. Whether man-made or natural; there are enough warnings in these events for watchful living. 

So what is your response? There might not be much time left. Planning and building, education and scientific advancements, and making money are all good enough.  But will these count for anything if you lose your soul for all eternity?

This present world is reserved for burning with fire.2  The elements will melt with fervent heat, 3 so says the Bible. It also says that our God is a consuming fire 4 and it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. 5

There is no future for humankind if we continue to rebel against God for the end of the world is near. 

Surely that day is coming.  It will burn like a furnace. Will you be motivated for watchful living? Will you strive to find safety, refuge, and shelter under God’s wings 6 and the blood of the Lamb of God7 before that great day of burning, the day of the LORD8, comes?

Bible references:
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