Cars—A Reflection of Life!

Cars have revolutionized the way people live. It once was a luxury; but now it is a common vehicle. Cars offer style, comfort, ease of travel, and togetherness of family. It also reflects life in many ways.

Cars are chosen with respect to their looks, brand, fuel efficiency, leg space, boot space, interiors, power, and even the ability to park easily in busy city spaces. Owning a car, especially a car of one’s choice, is a dream come true for many. In the Indian context, often the gift of a car is common as a wedding present.

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Cars are maintained well by many. It is a reflection of the owner’s personality. At the same time certain cars do make a style statement. It can easily reflect the financial or social status of those who drive expensive cars.

Cars reflect life in many ways. A brand new car signifies beginnings. And like in life, cars do get dents in busy traffic while vehicles brush against each other. A neglected car or poorly taken of car is easy to spot. So maintaining a car well takes effort. Likewise maintaining a healthy life demands good habits.

Cars also remind us of the journey of life. However good a car is; it wears down in the long run. Finally it ends up in the scrap heap. So cars remind us of a final destination. And how you should be prepared for a journey for a life beyond the end point.

So next time, you see a car; have a closer look. You might not just find your reflection but also it will set you thinking. Yes, cars do reflect life.

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Featured image courtesy: Photo by Pixabay | | Red Alfa Romeo 4C on Road Near Trees

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