A Short Speech for Students on Punctuality

It is said that “Punctuality is the politeness of kings.” No one expects those in authority who exercise power over others to be on time. But if they are punctual, it is one of the ways in which they show respect for others.
Lack of punctuality can be due to lack of attitude, lack of discipline, and lack of preparedness.

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First of all, lack of attitude. Those who don’t care for others are not punctual. They don’t think it is a problem to keep others waiting. But think about how many hours are wasted when hundreds of people are kept waiting. So esteem others and value others’ time.

Secondly, lack of discipline. Getting up early can make a whole lot of difference to one’s day. But many neglect this. Also, spending time on distractions especially on social media makes people lose sense of priorities. So important things are left undone. Therefore promised delivery of services and products and assignments get delayed.

Thirdly, lack of preparedness. Tardiness, the opposite of being punctual, is often a result of not being fully and thoroughly prepared. It is clearly seen that those who try to gather together the needed resources, equipment, or accessories at the last minute often keep others waiting. A day or event begun with full preparedness has a ring of confidence to it.

To conclude, just imagine a busy airport. Think about the huge delays that can occur if planes were kept waiting for all those who are delayed. When it comes to serious things like catching a plane, people show attitude, discipline, and preparedness to be on time. So it is possible to be punctual if you will it with your full heart and mind.


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