The Art of Patience

Patience is a kind of outdated word in today’s busy world. When everything happens instantly at the touch of one’s finger on the mobile, people have lost the art of waiting.

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Almost all good things in life can come with patience. A child might yearn to grow up and achieve great things. But that happens only as years pass by. There is no way this process can be made to run fast.

Patience is part of achieving spiritual growth too. The Bible says that patience is a fruit of the Spirit. It means that patience seen in the life of a man or woman is a sign of spiritual maturity.

Why is this important? Waiting patiently for Gods answers to prayer runs contrary to worldly wisdom which says when God doesn’t answer prayers quickly, he is denying you your request.

The truth could be otherwise. God is helping you grow strong by patient waiting. His delays are not denials, but grand designs of his wisdom in your life.

A patient man or woman will not easily get angry. He or she will be quick to listen but slow to speak; doing so only after thinking through.

On the other hand, God is very patient too. He is showing mercy to all by delaying judgement on man’s sin and rebellion against him.

To conclude, patience is not weakness but strength clothed in meekness.

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