Tips on Anger Management

Everyone seems to be angry these days.
Outbursts of anger have become common.

Some fly off the handle when they are caught in traffic jams.
Many youngsters lose their cool when they can’t connect to the internet and open their Facebook account.… Read the rest

Tips on Money Management

Make money grow little by little. You never know how much power 1 rupee has until you try to get a train ticket when you are having 1 rupee less than needed. So it doesn’t matter if your saving is small; but store it up little by little.… Read the rest

When a Leader Speaks

Leadership is needed in all walks of life. It is required in public speaking as well.

A speaker who is convinced about what he is talking about is in a position to influence people through his speech. Therefore he or she has to exercise leadership to get ideas and truths presented translated into reality and action.… Read the rest