How to Tackle, “I Don’t Feel Like Speaking Today!”

“I don’t feel like speaking today,” is that kind of attitude and response which is common with school kids. But you should be made of stronger stuff than that.

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I do accept that your problems at home, issues with health, work pressure at office, a broken relationship, and financial struggles are weighing you down. But what about tomorrow. It may or may not bring solutions. So if you don’t speak today you lose an opportunity–a time and opportunity and a moment that will never repeat itself in your life again!

More than that you lose a chance to make a stand for doing what is right. Your emotions will fight tooth and nail to oppose your decision to speak. And, if you allow your emotions to dictate probably you’ll end up doing nothing significant in life.

On the other hand, can you imagine the confidence it will give you if you can step forward and attempt to speak? Sure, you are unprepared. But did you know that some great speeches are born in the fire of “I can’t do it” protestations? So decide to speak no matter what you feel.

You anyway will not solve your problems by not speaking. Therefore step out and speak. Tomorrow you will be able to speak with more grace, eloquence, and confidence simply because today you attempted to speak in spite of your troubles. When you speak today it might not be anywhere near perfection; but that doesn’t matter. What alone matters is the fact that you did not yield to the spirit of despair that said, “I can’t do it!”

Success in life is about your ability to refuse the negativity that wants to dominate you. Success is not about measuring the quality of each speech delivered or every single attempt you make. Success is about keeping on doing what you are good in spite of all of your doubts and fears.

So do it today. Let your voice be heard. Who knows how you might inspire someone else by your courage to speak today! Let me conclude by reminding you that the feeling that “I can’t do it”is a deception and a lie. You can if you are simply willing to try.

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