Top Ten Attitudes That Will Make You a Winner in Life

Attitude #1. Winners believe that it is possible to achieve
It goes without saying that all wins happen in our minds before it works out in reality. Winners conquer giants of fear and doubt in their own minds before they enter their playing fields. He who wins the battle in his mind is already a winner. He is not intimidated by opposition however fearful they appear to be.

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Attitude#2. Winners see possibilities not problems
So many people lose the joy of living just because they talk about problems all the time. They forget the reality that all people have problems. But winners see problems as opportunities to be innovative, creative and tap hidden potential with enthusiasm. This very difference in outlook makes it possible for a winner to conquer seeming problems with ease.

Attitude#3. Winners do not quit even when others give up
Every highway and byway of life is littered with the bones of those who started well but gave up somewhere during the journey. This happens because it is easy to give up. But it takes blood, toil, tears, and sweat to make a win possible. It is all about persistence and perseverance. Winners are those who have persevered.

Attitude#4. Winners are constant learners
Winners are humble and are willing to learn from others. They do not stop learning. Always observant, they, like a sponge absorb the best from others. It is when people stop learning as soon as they complete their education that they become fossils. A winner is armed with latest information and he therefore is able to make intelligent decisions without loss of valuable time.

Attitude#5. Winners rehearse often and practice their art to perfection
Fools are those who think that it is easy to perform. All great performances come attached with a huge price tag. Long hours of preparation and sweat and practice is what makes a winner perform at his very best when the spotlights are focused on him. A winner labours on while others sleep; and while others relax winners push themselves to rehearse yet one more round. The results follow.

Attitude#6. Winners do not wilt under the pressure of criticism
There is no winner who has not passed through the fires of criticism. Winners do get hurt by criticism; sometimes more badly than the ordinary person. Often winners too feel like giving up. But the difference is that they choose to react positively and creatively to the pain of criticism. They make criticism levelled at them a real tornado of inspiring force to perform better and prove their critics wrong. Criticism thus becomes the fuel that burns and propels winners forward to great victories.

Attitude#7. Winners do not make success a resting place
Winners are those who are always dissatisfied with their best. They are never content in a good sense. Always there is unrest within their hearts. They scan the skies above and always try to soar still higher. Success does not satisfy winners. It only makes them long for more. They do not rest on past victories and laurels.

Attitude#8. Winners give their best in all their attempts
There are people who always look for short cuts in life. If people are not watching they do a shoddy work all the time. But winners are unlike them. They give their best at all times. It does not matter whether it is a small opportunity that has come their way; they’ll do it as if it was the greatest privilege they got in life. Giving hundred percent plus every single time is the way winners do it all the time.

Attitude#9. Winners comeback from the worst situations and pull a win straight from the jaws of defeat
Testing times prove a man or woman for their mettle. Often they stare at defeat. But winners never give up hope. They know that even when the battle is going against them; at any point they are capable of making a comeback. And they do so too; by calling forth energy and resources we thought impossible from a person exhausted from the fight, we find a rallying cry and a shout of triumph as the winner turns the tables in a flash.

Attitude#10. Winners make it possible for others to succeed
There are people who make success an end in itself. They do not see beyond the victories they enjoy in life. But true winners are those who see life in larger and broader perspective. They try to make life easier for others by lending a helping hand. Perhaps the greatest contribution from true winners is that they motivate others to be the best they can be.

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