Students, 7 Steps to Overcome Your Fear of Exams!

Exams cause a lot of fear to you; don’t they? Expectations of parents and teachers, comparison with siblings and friends, comments from neighbours and even strangers add fuel to the fire. Now what can you do to overcome your fear of exams? Here are 7 few thoughts for you:

The first false idea about exams is that God helps those who pray. God does not help anyone who has not studied. His job is not to pull rabbits out of empty hats.

But what God does is, he answers prayer for wisdom. Now wisdom is not knowledge, it is the ability to apply knowledge you have to situations. And that wisdom begins with the fear of the LORD and avoiding cheating and malpractice in exams.

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Of course, God blesses you with good memory and ability to understand your lessons and calmness of mind to write exams without undue pressure.

The second thought you need to remember about exams is that you need to discipline yourself to prepare long-term. Refer to question papers of previous years. Write down notes on your own summarising content from textbooks while you study. Use your own codes, diagrams, and tables to reduce content to points you can easily revise at the time of exams.

Writing down notes on your own will help you internalize content without having to memorize. Use these notes to have a quick look the day prior to your exams. It will help you write exam well.

The third thought is that you shouldn’t try too much to study new content at the time of exam. It will create more fear and tension. Instead focus on what you already know and try your best to make it thorough.

See, isn’t it practical to think that generally the one who sets the question paper will not be asking all the tough questions together? So don’t worry too much. There will definitely be a lot of questions simple enough for you to answer.

The fourth thought is about getting good sleep. The more you lose sleep it will affect your good judgement while you write exams. You might forget to write your hall ticket number. Or in a much worse situation, you might number your answers wrongly after having written all answers correctly. And that is disastrous!

Even more worse is you forgetting the answer you knew best. All this can happen as a direct result of losing sleep. By the way, start your exam by writing the answer you know rather than waste time thinking on the question to which the answer doesn’t come easily to mind.

The fifth thought is about efficient time management. Why is this important? Due to procrastination and postponing, many students find exams staring at them at the end of term or semester or year without them being prepared for it. Learn to plan your time using a time table. Stick to it in spite of unexpected interruptions. And when you start writing your exam first have a quick glance at the entire question paper whenever that is possible. That will give you a fair idea how to utilize given time wisely. And leave five minutes at the end of writing your exam to cross check whether you have written all the answers.

Sixthly, one of the best ways to learn is to teach. Try to teach your friends the subject most difficult for you to learn. You’ll find it surprising how fast you learn and retain what you’ve picked up. Now with online options it is easy for you to interact with friends in a combined study context; isn’t it? When you teach, you master your subject much faster than when you just try to study it for yourself.

Finally, in spite of all that you do well, it is quite possible to lose marks. Take it as part of the game. Do not allow negative thoughts to dominate your mind. If you had done your best be happy. You will have your reward.

Do not go down under criticism. You look ahead in spite of mistakes made. Think about your God-given dreams. Life has many small battles, you might lose a few but your goal should be to win the big war. And you certainly can. Start to study now and do not worry about time lost. You can still make it.

Let me conclude. It is quite natural to feel tensed before your exams. Some kind of nervousness comes when you are thoroughly prepared. It will help you to perform well in your exams.

Now cheer up. Smile. It will relax your mind. And go write your exams well.

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