One Minute Speech on the Importance of Using Opportunities

If you look at circumstances, if you look at the wind and the clouds and the surging waves, you will never move out of the safety of the shore.

What does that mean? It means you lose your opportunity. And opportunities might not knock a second time.

Therefore have an eye that looks out for opportunities. They might not present themselves well-dressed and might even appear in beggar’s clothes. But it is your eye that looks out for the opportunity which sees potential hidden within.

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Secondly, ask, seek, knock. Opportunities will never come for those who simply sit, wait, and daydream. They come only to those who actively seek for it. Be bold and persistent. And be gently persuasive. But do not give up.

Thirdly opportunities have a limited life span. Often you need to act quickly. Be decisive. Go for your goal when the time is right. The next moment might not be yours. Remember, the man who is prepared already gets the opportunity.

Above all, never think closed doors as permanent. Trust God. He can open doors where no opportunity seems to exist. He can bring things to life out of what others term as dead situations.

Therefore be wise in the way you use God-given opportunities in life. It can mean the difference between failure and success!

I Have Placed Before You an Open Door That No One Can Shut

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