Worried About “What Will Others Think About Me?”

You cannot please everybody. It is like trying to juggle a football, a cricket ball, and a table tennis ball along with a few cups and plates.

And that is not only impossible but even the attempt is futile.

Therefore it is wise to focus on what you do and attempt to do that well each time you do it. Of course there will be people to criticize your mistakes.

Simply accept the fact that no movement or progress is possible without being criticized.

But when that happens there is no need to lose heart.

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First of all examine criticism truthfully.
It might have some lesson you can accept to correct your course of action and improve yourself. Never lose that opportunity. But accept it with humility.

Secondly, criticism can dishearten you easily.
You might feel like giving up. If you do you lose a valuable opportunity to show the world how good you are in what you do. When people speak ill of you, sharpen your skills and come back more strongly than ever.

Thirdly, trust the true estimate God has about you.
It is not the colour of your skin that makes you look beautiful in his eyes. Instead it is sheer love for you that made him die for you. No one can snatch you out from his hands. Therefore do not worry, “Am I good enough?”

Let me conclude by asking you my dear friend to humbly accept criticism honestly.
Use criticism as an opportunity to show your strength and not cower in weakness and fear.
Finally, be assured that in spite of all the criticism the world can throw at you and all that you think is not good about you God loves you and accepts you the way you are right now.

Why worry anymore about what others think about you?

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