A Note of Appreciation to All Teachers with Love and Utmost Respect

Who has not been inspired by a teacher? Somewhere at the back of our minds stands at least one or two who showed us light and pointed out to us the path we need to travel. It is deeply appreciated from all of us. You deserve and have our utmost respect dear teachers.

On this occasion of Teacher’s Day, let me spell out who a teacher really is. A teacher is one who has a heart of love, a passion for knowledge, and a skill for communicating the same.

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A teacher is a balanced mix of discipline and gentleness at the same time. He or she is one who is a role model by setting an example for the students in speech, action, discipline, and character.

He or she, on rare occasions when something goes wrong, is humble enough and honest enough to admit, “Sorry, I made a mistake.”

A teacher is one who has the ability to spot the hidden potential in a child and encourage him or her to live true to the dreams in one’s heart.

A huge gallery of famous personalities owe it to their teachers for having first identified their talent and are thankful to them for having nurtured it. The story of Helen Keller and how her teacher Anne Sullivan had influenced her is a timeless inspirational to all; isn’t it?

A teacher believes in a child even when others label him or her negatively and will not neglect a student because others have given up on that student saying that the student is not good in studies.

Many students have found the courage to hope and the dare to dream just because of one teacher who said, “Yes, you can!”

A teacher is one who is not satisfied with the knowledge of the past; but is always updated on what is new in his or her subject. He or she makes an extra effort to bring something new that is interesting, informative, inspiring, and even inter-disciplinary to class each day.

This extra effort is a thing of joy for the teacher and extremely satisfying as the class responds enthusiastically and attentively.

A teacher is one who listens carefully and attentively to what students tell him or her. In other words, when students find in a teacher a caring heart, they trust the teacher with even personal and intimate matters of the heart that they cannot share with even their best friend.

Above all these things, a teacher inspires. One timely word of appreciation from a teacher can ignite a spark and a fire in the lives of students.

Thus a teacher shining a small burning light even in a remote village might be igniting a fire in the life of a brilliant student who will carry that to the ends of the earth one day!

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