I Have Placed Before You an Open Door That No One Can Shut

Listen to the Risen Christ speak with authority: “I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut.” 1 These words have put courage in the hearts of countless men and women down through the centuries.

And today, if a closed door has left you feeling helpless and stranded, here are a few thoughts to think on:

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First of all, do not lose hope. Life can still throw positive surprises. A closed door means that you have to start to dream again. But most of the time you keep looking at the closed door that you fail to see many other opportunities that come your way.

So stop your romance with the past. Instead, look ahead with eager anticipation to the new thing that God will do in your life.

Secondly, look up to God. He can create opportunities where none exists. What he shuts no one can open and what he opens for you, no one can shut. But looking up to God does not mean there are easy answers.

You might have a long wait ahead. And it is often this test of patience that wears you down. Nothing seems to happen while you wait. But that is how it is.

Thirdly, even while you pray to God, sharpen your skills. Learn something new that will help you make the leap when your opportunity comes. If you fail to update your knowledge you will never be able to make yourself prepared and ready for the new thing that will come to your life.

See, when God sent the rain and the flood, he asked Noah to build the ark. Neither had Noah seen rain before; nor had he ever built even a small boat. But he was ready when the flood came. Then the LORD shut him in inside the ark.2 The shut-in experience became a blessing; a place of safety, and an open door to a new beginning in life.

Fourthly, ask, seek, and knock. Look around you. A closed door can mean that you have to change directions. What might have been a success in the past might not be what is needed for the hour. Your willingness to change can be tested at this time. Keep looking for the next opportunity maybe in a new area or domain.

Finally, the most difficult one among all this, thank God for the closed door in your life:
Thanking God means that you are admitting that the situation is beyond your wisdom to handle.
Thanking God that you trust God to make the next move for you.
Thanking God that you understand that God is preparing people and circumstances to match the moment that will make others look at you and say, “See, what God has done!”3

My friend, life is not easy at times. The future might look threatening and uncertain. But there is an unchanging God who is your rock and refuge in changing times. Therefore, a closed door is not the end of life; but an opportunity to trust God with your future.

He Walks in When Everyone Else Has Rejected You and Walked Out on You!

1Revelation 3:8
2Genesis 7:16
2Psalm 66:5

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