You Can Calm Your Nerves Just Before You Speak

Let me tell you a secret. There is no single secret that works when you are nervous. But hold on. First of all; be assured that you will not die due to stage fright.

Now if your mind goes blank; next time you go on stage you can be bold that you cannot go worse than the last time. Have a look at your audience. They are expecting you to succeed. Isn’t that great? So smile. It simply helps. And be pleasantly surprised to see some smile back at you. It will ease tension anyway!

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By the way you will rarely get an ideal audience. There will be babies crying; organizers running around, microphones howling, people engaged in social media. The best thing to do is to focus your eyes on a few who seem eager to listen and speak.

What if you were asked to speak at the last minute? Don’t let the opportunity pass. See it as a chance to try your luck. The chances are you will do much better than you ever dreamed of. A simple tip is to focus on one idea and start. As you speak some more ideas will certainly come.

And if you were prepared; but forgot your notes; don’t panic. Ask for a sheet of paper and pick a pen. Just note down the main points from memory and keep it with you. You will do well. Well, we all have bad days when our speeches are not well delivered.

After all, we are not robots. Our best efforts as human beings are capable of being improved. So speak without fear. While stage fright, which is irrational fear, can be overcome, the truth is that nervousness before speaking will always be there. Just as you have no control over your shadow; you have no control over nervousness as well.

Often it will be at its peak when you are best prepared. It is then that you feel you have forgotten everything; even the opening lines. But the good news is that it is this very same nervousness that makes a person run away from stage; and on the other hand makes another give a thundering oration.

So welcome nervousness on board as a friend. Then instead of fighting against you; it will fight for you!

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Link to post Short speeches of Introduction, Welcome, Felicitation, Vote of Thanks!
Short Speeches of Introduction, Welcome, Felicitation, Vote of Thanks!

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