7 Motivational Secrets That Will Surely Inspire You

Yes You Can

Great achievements follow when your pursuits are fuelled by the I Can belief and attitude. When this combines with enthusiasm and perseverance you become unstoppable.

Don’t Give Up

Life often brings unexpected difficulties. Some of them may cause you to feel like a failure. But you should fight back from defeats. Don’t quit when one more attempt might possibly change your fortunes.

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Now Is Your Opportunity

You might love to run away from an opportunity because you are not well prepared. It doesn’t matter if you fail; go grab the opportunity and perform now. Waiting for a perfect moment, which never comes, is a deception.

Don’t Fear

There are moments fear grips each one of us. It is easy to yield to it. One way to get out of it is to encourage yourself with the reality of God’s presence with you. There is no greater antidote to fear than that.

You Are Valued

Are you someone who is constantly being compared with your brother or sister or friend or neighbour or colleague? It is a sad situation when you are unable to feel your worth. But remember you are unique. God created no one else on earth like you. He values you and rewards you not by comparing yourself with anyone else but by asking, “Did you faithfully use the talent or potential I gifted you with?”

Get Up

Do not lie in your bed of despair. You might have made mistakes and you might have failed. Circumstances might be against you and you might be feeling self pity. That is not the place you are supposed to be. Get up. And walk. One step at a time. And don’t look back. A love affair with the failures of the past will not give you wings to soar.

God Loves You

To be loved is a special feel always. And to know that God loves you can be the answer to your feelings of inferiority, depression because of rejection, and doubts whether your life has a meaning and purpose. When you feel that you are not able to stand the strain of life take a moment to cry out to him for help and you will feel the support of his everlasting arms underneath you and lifting you up.
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