2 Minute Speech for School Children on The Importance of English

2 Minute Speech for Children on The Importance of English2 Minute Speech for Children on The Importance of English

Respected teachers and my dear friends,

Good morning to one and all.

We all think. And we all communicate. But how do we do it? We do it through words, not just words but words in a particular language which others understand.

Though it is easy to communicate in our mother tongue; that alone is not enough in today’s world. We need to consider the fact that people speaking different languages mingle with us almost on a daily basis. There are people from other states in India as well as a few people from other countries who have come here to find work or just visit our place. Communicating with all of them requires a common language.

It is here that English language and the knowledge of it becomes an advantage. English may not be the most spoken language in the world, but it is the official language in many countries in the world.

Along with that we find people moving out to other countries to work. And English is the most used language for business communication in the world. It is also not surprising that more than 50% of content in the internet is in English.

Moreover, the best books and films in the world are produced in English. Sometimes, popular and best-selling books in other languages are translated into English to reach a world-wide audience. I am sure you might have watched a film in Chinese and understood it because of sub-titles produced in English.

All these facts prove the importance of English language. It gives us access to business communication, the world of knowledge and also the world of entertainment.

The language itself is constantly in a state of change. It has borrowed words from all cultures and civilizations it has come into touch with. You will find words in English which has its roots in Greek, Latin, Sanskrit, Hindi, French, German etc. So the ability of the language to grow and expand is one important highlight of the English language. It is a truly colourful language and an international language as well!

As a concluding thought, let us consider our opportunities for higher education. It is an established fact that English is the language that gives us access to Science; especially the fields of Engineering, Medicine, and Information Technology. Or think about a Post Graduate in Management and the distinct advantage he or she enjoys if able to communicate well in English! Thus English is the language that is used in higher studies and research.

Finally, let me ask you a question? Would each one of you like to have a job—not just a job but a good career ahead? If the answer is yes, why not make yourselves employable at the highest and the best spheres of work by mastering the English language?

Thank you.

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    It’s amazing and especially children should go through it so that they can get aware of the importance of English…….

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  15. English is more and more important as an ‘intermediate language’, as a means of communication of people who speak a different languages. I work as an English teacher in Brussels, a very international city. I give English lessons at the http://www.englishacademy.be where my students speak French, Dutch, Spanish, German, Russian and many other languages. If they want to speak to each other, they do it in English. That is the most important reason to learn English .

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    Hii sir thank you so much for sharing this kins of great idea.thanks alot.may god keep building share a vital information.i want to know what happen with me i remember speech but at the movement of delivering i forget. So please sir\madam try to answer.thanking you……….

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    I am greatly impressed ur speech which is very noticiable one which giving a clear picture about the importance of English in schools..most of the school authorities are fail to educate the impotance of speaking English in students.the parents also needs to aware about it.we should train our children in their small classes also.
    I hope that your small and simple speech may create a great impact on parents and teachers…
    wishing u all the best

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    Very nicely consolidated “for 2 minutes”.

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