Open Up and Say “Yes” to Life!

Open up!

Many youngsters opt for suicide in a moment of impulse. Even though they think they have thought through every aspect of the problem; they are mistaken. If only they did open up and talk with someone they trusted especially members of family things would have been different.… Read the rest

There Are No Dead Ends

If there is a mountain
You think you can’t climb;
No need to fret and fume–
There is still a better way;
It is to tunnel through.

How long hours we waste
Thinking of giants
Blocking our way’n progress;
When it was just our mind
Imagining fears and excuses.… Read the rest

Every Drop of Blood

Every drop of blood
The Saviour shed
Was for you my dear–
None else to him counted more dear.

He was lifted high
For all the world to see;
That One Sacrifice
For all our sins would bleed.

It cost him much
To gain the pardon
That would set us free
From death’s grip for all eternity.… Read the rest

7 Tips to Compere Excellence!

Here are 7 basic tips to excel as Compere. They are simple yet challenging. Follow them and you can compere to your heart’s content and your audience’s delight.

#1. Believe You Can!
Think of the opportunity to compere as joy. Never believe the lie that you can’t do it.… Read the rest