Head Girl of School Proposes Vote of Thanks at the Silver Jubilee Celebrations

Respected dignitaries on the dais, beloved teachers, dear parents and students,

Good evening to one and all.

We have just witnessed a magnificent display of talent by the students of our school. It is most fitting that such a variety of cultural events showcased the splendid history of the last 25 years of our school on this concluding programme of the Silver Jubilee Anniversary Celebrations.

As the head girl of this school it is my honour and privilege to propose the vote of thanks.

First of all, let me thank our Principal. Sir, the words of wisdom you shared with us today will remain in our hearts for the rest of our lives. You have challenged us to discipline ourselves to succeed in life and not to lose our human touch in the process of doing so.

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I am sure this light you have lit this evening will blaze on in the lives of all the students gathered here. Thank you very much.

The Guest of honour today, [name], is one among us, who started dreaming sitting on the benches of the classrooms here. It is not often that students get a chance to listen to eminent persons like you. You have exemplified through your life what it means to fight against disabilities, and live without complaining about difficult circumstances in life.

Your enthusiasm is contagious. What touched our hearts this evening is your bold fight against gender discrimination and harassment of women in the workplace. Your words have inspired all the girl children in our school to be aware of their rights and privileges; and to have courage to speak out against injustice. Pledging our support to all your work on women empowerment; a big thank you for your gracious presence with us this evening.

Today we were blessed to have the megastar of [name] Malayalam movies as our celebrity guest. Well, we have seen so many of the wonderful characters you portrayed so well on the silver screen. For most of us, it was the first time, we got to see you so close. Your unassuming nature surprised us.

More importantly, it was your candid talk with us about how social media with its instant messaging has entangled men and women, teens and young adults in a web of wrong relationships that has set us thinking. Thank you for your concern for us to stay pure and safe in the virtual world.

Now it is time to say thanks to our beloved teachers. What can I say!

Without your support, your care and concern for us, your constant endeavours to bring out the best in us, your instilling in us a sense of values and priorities in life, your teaching us the importance of managing time, and above all your being with us for any help that we needed; all this above and beyond what you teach from text books; yes, all these and more have made our life in this school the happiest and most meaningful period of our lives.

In a big way, more than words can say, from the depths of our hearts and with due respect, thank you all our beloved teachers.

A word about our parents gathered for this ceremony this evening. Your coming here, your presence with us means a thousand times more than all the expensive gifts you could have given us. For all your love and care, for all the sacrifices made to educate us in the best school in this part of the world, for gifting us with dreams and possibilities, a big thank you.
We assure you that nothing of what you have done for us will ever go wasted.

It is time to say goodbye. The Silver Jubilee celebrations of our school comes to an end; but the legacy lives on.

What has been achieved will be written in golden letters in the annals of our history; but what is yet to come will surpass all that in its magnitude, in its brilliance, and in its reach.

To all who came to witness this event, to all those who wished our school good luck on this momentous occasion, to all who toiled day and night to make the Silver Jubilee celebrations unforgettable, thank you once again.

Finally I thank God Almighty for showering his blessing upon today’s function.

As the star studded skies on this black velvety night twinkle in euphoric delight,
Wishing you all good night, sweet dreams and radiant memories.
Thank you one and all.

Jesus Is Risen!

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“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.”

–Psalm 118:1, Bible NIV

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