2 Minute Speech on That One Word Every Young Girl Should Be Bold to Speak!

Red says STOP. When the light is red, do not act; do not move, do not proceed. You can escape so many tears and heartbreaks in life; if you simply learn to see Red.

As you look at life it looks all glossy when you are young. You have dreams, ambitions, hopes and aspirations. And you have so many friends around you too.

But then the world is not rosy as you see it. There are many who are bent on evil. You cannot believe all who smile. You should not trust all who speak sweet words to you. Not only in real life but more so in the virtual world.

Then there are many who will offer you your tomorrow today. And you might feel the irresistible pull to go along.

But wait a minute. Did you forget to see the colour Red? Did you forget that one simple yet power-packed word you can and should say? NO! “No” is the bold word you should say when you see red!

Life is not a 100 metre dash. It is a marathon. As you run your race, charming distractions you will see all around. But if you plan to finish strong, be bold and say NO to all that takes your focus away from life’s serious goals.

Remember that the best things in life are worth waiting for. Don’t seek instant pleasure and satisfaction in anything. Secret things can thrill; but they also kill. It is one moment’s thoughtless adventure but a lifelong journey down to the depths of hell.

So learn to see red. And when you see red, say NO.

Know that consequences are there for every stand you take and every move you make. But you have got everything to lose if you dance to the tune others play for you.

So stand strong. And be bold. A fierce lion-like stance once you say NO might be your only hope.

As a young girl, there is nothing you need to learn that is more important than the word NO. Always, keep it ready like an arrow pulled back on the string. Shoot it without a second thought.

It will hurt some; but it is worth the risk. For it is your safety that matters most. A glass jar; if it breaks might not just be the same even if you glue it back again. So be bold enough to say NO.

Let me conclude. Life is beautiful; but there is red everywhere. Trust in God; be bold, and say NO when you see red.

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