2 Minute Speech on God Versus Science Debate

In the beginning.

Science has gone to extraordinary lengths to come up with interesting explanations like Big Bang about origins.

The Bible says all beginnings originated with God. Time, Space, Eternity; all begin and end with God.

In the beginning.
God created.

He called to existence things that can be seen from what is not visible. But he made man from the dust of the earth. There was his personal touch and breath of life in man. Man was made in God’s likeness and image with freedom of choice. Therefore man has the capacity to rebel against God.

It is this rebellion in the heart of man that makes him come up with fanciful theories all dated billions of years away and without any cause or beginning. All that is an attempt to dethrone God and substitute him with anything else if God can be kept away. God enthroned in heaven laughs at these attempts.

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In the beginning.
God created.
The heavens and the earth.

Instead of seeking God, man is trying to crown himself god by making attempts to conquer Space. Can he?

Singularity and black holes have brought to light that laws of science that we know here do not hold together there. But are black holes created when stars die? The Bible declares that God created the stars; he calls them each by name and because of his great power and mighty strength, not one of them is missing.

Perhaps we are trying to work backwards to understand what is too complex and mysterious instead of simply looking to God and worshipping him with adoration and praise for his infinite wisdom and incomparable power.

In the beginning.
God created man, male and female.
Yes, God created man a little lower than angels.
And crowned him with glory and honour.

If, as Charles Darwin proposed, man evolved and made that final leap from monkeys what is the logic in man wearing dress to cover his shame? No other animal species has this habit; do they? The Bible says man’s sense of shame began when he sinned against God and hid from him when he realised that he was naked.

Then again the evidence of the microscopic as well as the telescopic world proclaim the wisdom of our Creator. Yet we deliberately choose to ignore God.

Still again, why are there so many languages in the world? Research has pointed towards families of languages with common origins. The Bible however points to a historic moment at a place called Babel where man tried to defy God and rebel against his authority by building a tower that reaches up to the heavens. And God confused the languages at that place. Interesting; isn’t it?

The proud will never find God because his head is full with his own ideas and in his heart there is no room for God. But God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.

My friends, God is not against science. Not at all. Mankind has benefited greatly from technology; but is reaping the misuse of science in the hands of those who put profit over people and those who use unethical methods for selfish ends.

Let me end by saying that each discovery that man makes is a proclamation of how small he really is and how ignorant he is of the laws of God that govern the Universe.

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