Professor Speaks at the Meeting to Felicitate Rankholders

Respected dignitaries on the dais, colleagues, parents, the rank holders and dear students.

A timely word is a treasure that is wrapped in timeless memory .

We are gathered here to celebrate the achievement of these seven young minds who through their persevering effort has won personal distinction as well as accolades for our Institution. Their truly deserving achievement reminds us of Napoleon’s words, “Victory belongs to the most persevering.”

Though it is only (Name), who was my student in English Literature, the rank holders from other Departments of this College are known to me as well.

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Some of them have overcome a variety of difficult situations and have come out with flying colours. On this joyful occasion, let me remind just three things.

First of all, not all but only very few have the privilege of studying in a college. And you have set yourself apart from that elite group and have carved a niche for yourselves as rank holders which will always be etched in golden letters in the annals of our history. So be thankful to God, to your parents, to your teachers and all those who supported you so that this achievement was made possible.

Secondly, there is a principle in life that the more you give, the more you are able to receive and still keep on giving. As you walk out of this Campus today, think how much the time you had spent here influenced and impacted you. Think about it not just in terms of knowledge gained but more in terms of relationships, the wisdom of life lessons, the guidance and encouragement of teachers and the value of the brand identity of this prestigious institution you now call your Alma Mater. Think about what you can give back to this Institution and the community at large. From now on, it is a time to give back and gift back in multiplied measure all that you got from here.

Finally, your achievement shows all the others especially the students who will be appearing for their final examinations this year that beginning well is good and important; but greater still is the art of finishing well. Lot many of youngsters today lack this determination. My dear students determine to finish well and finish strong in life. Your ability to dream of great achievements is important, but greater still is the will to win and the discipline to achieve it. It is this burning desire that will bring you success in the end as has been shown by these seven brilliant minds.

I take this opportunity to wish each one of the seven rank holders God’s very best. May life unfold for you in all its loveliness, may you find greater success in all that is to come, and may you find greater meaning and purpose as you contribute to society through your work and career in later years.

On behalf of this college community, the management, the principal, the teachers, parents and students, I once again congratulate you on your achievements and wish you all success. Thank you for accepting our invitation and being present for this meaningful and august felicitation meeting. Let this be not an end but a beginning; let the journey continue; and may you find new knowledge, new avenues of service, new opportunities for growth and may you find success in all your endeavours.
Thank you.

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