“My Friends, I Have a Dream!” — 2 Minute Inspirational Speech for Young School Children

Hi friends,

I am young. Yet I have a dream.

I do not dream of greatness, but I do dream of making my life meaningful. You ask me, “How?” I can simply say, by showing love and genuine concern for others.

I do not dream of being famous, but I do dream of being a person of influence. You ask me “How?” I can simply say, by disciplining myself to do the best I can and excel every single time I am called to act.

I do not dream of becoming rich, but I do dream of giving as much as I can out of all that I have. You ask me “Why?” Well, there are things that money can’t buy; it can’t stretch your life by a nano second nor can it buy a heart of love. So let me do all the good I can and count myself rich by all that I can do without.

I do not dream of a life of ease, but I do dream of being made strong in difficulties. You ask me “Why?” Well, as l look around, I see it is life’s struggles that mould a man or woman of character. So a life of ease can make me sick, but a fight against life’s odds can make be brave.

I dream of making the most of opportunities; and not let them go.

I dream of having a few real good friends; and not fall for a million likes and followers in the world of fantasy.

I dream, yet again, that I might be given grace to love those who are close to me; to value and cherish them, and hold them dear before like a lone bird on a barren tree my life becomes.

I dream, my friends, of fighting back; of rising above my occasional loss of confidence and of making it to the finishing tape to win the race set out for me.

Above all this,
I dream of finding my life’s purpose; the reason why God put me on Planet Earth. If I can not only dream but also fulfil all that God has called me to do; then my dream shall find its wings and soar high with joy!

Jesus Christ of Nazareth

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