Three Quick Things to Do When You Are Tired of Living

Are you tired of living? If yes, there are three quick things you can do.

One, call out to God for help. You need not worry how he is going to answer your prayer. Instead what you need to believe is that God is able to help you and willing to help you.

No need to wait for the right moment. Now just call on his name. He will listen for he is compassionate.

Therefore the first thing to do if you are tired of living is to call out to God for help.

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Two, believe in goodness ahead. It is easy to lose hope when you are under pressure constantly. That is quite natural. But when you wait for God to answer your prayer you need to look ahead to see God’s goodness stored for you.

When it comes, people who despised you and mocked you will see that is God who has shown you goodness. You too will know how troubles you faced moulded you to be prepared for the goodness which God had already prepared for you.

Therefore the second thing to do if you are tired of living is to believe in goodness ahead.

Three, do not entertain bitterness in your heart. It is true that words were painful when people stung you bitterly with their accusations and criticism. It is true that you faced pressure beyond your ability to endure. In spite of all this do not hold a grudge against those who hurt you.

That is not easy. Yet if you can try to see the hand of God orchestrating events, managing people, bringing situations to a crisis, and finally bringing you to that point where you are ready to live your true dream; then instead of bitterness your heart will overflow with gratitude to God.

Therefore the third thing to do if you are tired of living is to stop entertaining bitterness in your heart.

To conclude, the three things to do if you are tired of living are:
One, call out to God for help.
Two, expect goodness ahead.
And three, do not entertain bitterness.

My friend, this is not the time to give up or to quit. But it is the time to hope, to believe and to hold on.

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Post inspired by the reading of Psalm 31:19—22.
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