Heart to Heart Speak with Troubled Teens

Teens is an exciting time of life. It is a time you don’t like to be advised. But whether you like it or not, safety signs are seen wherever you race on the road. To ignore or to heed is your personal freedom; even as this heart to heart talk is on.

Teens is a time when like a flying kite tugs at the string to break loose, you too want your freedom. It is a normal feel. Yet know that if you break the string you lose your flight, your sense of direction, and perhaps end up torn and bruised.

Like unlike poles of magnets are attracted towards each other, teens is a time you feel attracted to those of the opposite sex; to the most handsome, to the most beautiful. This is part of growing up to be a man or woman. Yet know this simple principle, “All that glitters is not gold.”

Teens, again, is a time when friends become more important than parents. Often you feel like parents are old-fashioned. Well, another 20 years from now you might know how mistaken you were in your thought about your parents. Know that there are no perfect parents on earth. Sometimes they too make wrong decisions, but mostly they have your good in mind.

Let me come back to friends and friendship. Well, bonding made when you are teens can stay for life. Look for friends who are there when you need them. Stay close to those who value you, encourage you, and inspire you to utilise all your potential to the fullest.

Teens, not surprisingly, is a time you commit many mistakes. Some of them are painful, some others embarrassing. Do not worry too much about what others think about you. Know that you are significant and have great value in God’s eyes. Some of his best selections are those who are failures in the world’s estimate. So do not despair.

Teens, is a time of yearning to be loved and respected. Love is mostly a feeling, an emotion, a sudden unexplainable connect with someone for most teens. Yet love is more than anything of these. Closely associated with love is respect. A safety line that can be drawn is not to trust anyone who does not respect your private or personal space.

Love that makes demands, love that manipulates, love that tries to control, love that puts pressure on you to yield, love that compares you to someone else, love that demeans your dignity as an individual and treats you like an object, exhibit or commodity, love that bargains to make deals—these cannot be called love. They are a cheap imitation, and at its worst, deception.

Teens, for some at least, is a time of heartbreaks. Broken promises, lies and deception, the luring world of instant messaging, cheating, rejection, having someone dump you are all sadly common. If you have been at the receiving end, do not think about yourself a failure. It is time to focus, have new dreams, and start working towards worthy goals in life.

Finally, if no one else is there to listen to you, God is there. When you feel worthless, when your thoughts like wild horses on the gallop uncontrollably go, when thoughts of suicide come, when others forsake you, make fun of you, and give up on you, you still have God. Teens, God loves you You will find acceptance with him just as you are. Always. God is near, much nearer to you than the breath you breathe.

Life’s meaning is not always easy to find. But teens is a time you can attempt to discipline yourself to find life’s meaning. If you do not, you will like a lone boat on the lonely seas; when the shore is far and the night is dark. But let me end with a note of hope. Life is forward and there will be a joyous sunrise after this night.

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