7 Steps to Get Out of Inferiority Complex

“I’ve severe inferiority complex. I would like to talk about it sometime”; so said an IT professional to me over phone a few weeks ago. I suddenly felt the pain with which he spoke.

It also reminded me of many other students I had met in my training sessions; who though putting on a brave and confident face on the outside hid a nagging problem of inferiority on the inside.… Read the rest

The Power of New Beginnings

The power of new beginnings is immense.It is like the burst of light that pierces the darkness and makes everything visible. Long years of patient waiting then gives way to the rise of dawn–of new hope, greater glory, immeasurable joy, and ultimate triumph.… Read the rest

Failures in Their True Light

None of us has escaped the trauma of failures. Some quit. Others despair. But a few hang in there. What about you? What is your attitude towards failure? Herman Melville, author of Moby Dick once wrote “He who has never failed somewhere, that man cannot be great!” That is a good starting point to understand failure.… Read the rest