2 Minute Speech for Children on The Star of Christmas!

There is something about stars that make us look up. They are from above and are far away. They are heavenly and they kindle hope in us when seen in the night skies.

But today, I want you to focus on that one star that has inspired countless lighted stars down the centuries. It is none other than the Star of Christmas.

The Star of Christmas was first of all a shining star.

No one who was watching for it could miss its newfound presence in the sky. No doubt, like that star, God still shines his light in the hearts of all who sincerely search for the truth.

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Secondly, the Star of Christmas was a unique star.

It rose announcing the birth of a king. It was fitting that God chose a star in the skies to make a royal proclamation. Otherwise, how would anyone have known that the child born in a manger is king?

Thirdly, the Star of Christmas was a guiding star.

It travelled in front of the Wise Men who came from the East in search of the child Jesus. It brought them safely to the place where Jesus was. No further mention is made of this star. It had fulfilled its purpose of pointing the way to Jesus; nothing greater was expected of it.

Finally, and above all, the Star inspired the Wise Men to come to worship Jesus  and offer their best gifts to him. That first journey of the Wise Men even today inspires countless thousands to seek the One who bled and died on the cross to bring peace between God and men.

Therefore let hope rise in your hearts this day. May this Star—the shining, the unique, the guiding and inspiring Star of Bethlehem  lead you to worship Jesus who came to this world in search of you and me!

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