A Short Speech How to Find Hope When Situations Look Hopeless!

Have you ever woken up with a heavy heart?

It could have been the mistakes of the previous day or the seeming hopelessness of a present situation that weighed you down then; perhaps even this day. I do not have any easy solution to your problem. But I can point you in the right direction.

The Bible declares that God’s compassions never fail; they are new every morning.*

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This can be the basis of your hope. You can lean heavily on the compassion of God. Each day it is supplied afresh. The one thing you need to do is not to look at what is going happen tomorrow. His supply for tomorrow will not be lacking; that is all you need to know.

Well, you might be hesitant to come to God. You might feel like a beggar in tattered clothes standing outside a big mansion where a wealthy merchant is giving a feast. You feel unworthy.

But then if that is the picture you have in mind about God, you are thoroughly mistaken. Jesus made it clear that he came to call sinners to repentance (and not the righteous). He also said that it is the sick who need the doctor (and not the healthy).*

He is compassionate to you today. He is calling you. He simply says, “Come to me.”* The invitation is to himself and not to any agenda, programme, or even a Church.

God has not forgotten you.
He will not forsake you.
He will see that your needs are met.
He is gently whispering peace into your troubled mind.
His love does not ask questions about your failures; he simply asks you to come to him.

Will you just ask God to help you?
It can even be a prayer in your heart.
No words are required. When you cry out, “Help me O God,” he will.
But first, he will answer your heart with hope. He will put courage in your heart.*

You might not see any immediate change in your situation. But the change has already happened in your heart. Can you not feel hope rising in your heart? If it is God in whom you trust, you will not be disappointed!*

God Give You the Grace to Overflow with Hope

Jesus Is Risen!

References: Lamentations 3:19—23; Luke 5:31, 32; Matthew 11;28; Psalm 138:3, Isaiah 49:23.

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