Christmas–the Story of God’s Search for You and Me!

Have you ever wondered what the story that is told every Christmas is?

It is the story of Someone who came searching for you and me.

This story is one of hope.

It is so because the story tells us that we belong. It tells us that we are not forgotten or forsaken. Though there is something that is broken about us, though there are many patches showing in our hearts, there is someone who deeply cares for us.

This story is one of hope, I repeat again, because a Saviour came searching for you and me.
Blood Jesus Cleanse

It is so because Christmas is the true story of God’s Son Jesus coming down to earth to become man. He came not because any one of us is perfect but instead all of us are sinners in need of a Saviour. Since it was not possible for man to save himself, God came down to be one like us to save us.

This story is one of hope because in Jesus, God came near to us.

For all those who deeply longed to know God, Jesus came declaring that anyone who has seen him has seen God as well. As Jesus freely mingled with all sorts of people in the marketplace and touched them with love and compassion, so also God longs to touch you with his love and forgiveness.

Finally, this story is one of hope because Jesus came to give us life.

This became possible because Jesus shed his blood on the cross and died for us. His precious blood that flowed cleanses and purifies man from all sin. Above all, he came back to life from the dead. He lives for ever.

Therefore there is hope for all men and women.

Because he lives, those who believe in him will also live for ever. This is the good news of great joy declared for all people at Christmas. It includes you and me.

Yes friends, Jesus came to give you a clean break from your past and give you a brand new beginning in life. Like the Star of Bethlehem that rose the first Christmas night when the child Jesus was born in a manger, may the light of this hope shine in your heart bright and clear.

Jesus Is Risen!

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