Yes You Can!

Coach Gives Motivational Speech Day Before Final Game!

Hi Team,

The power of defeat lies not in the score but in your attitude.
A game lost is not the end of life; nor is it the end of your career. It is true that you made mistakes. Now what does that prove? It tells the world that you attempted to do something. But it did not turn out well. So what?

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We will look at defeat squarely in its eye. We will not give up in despair. Instead we will rally our best reserves of strength. We will sharpen and polish our skills. We will not focus on the reputation of the opposition but we will fight as if it is our last game on planet earth.

Yes young man, I see a look of fear and doubt on your face! Let me tell what is bothering you. You are thinking: “It is OK Coach for you to say all this. But we are out in the field; and that too before our home crowd. The opposing team is the winner the last five years. Do we have a chance? What if we fail in front of our home crowd?”

The nod on all your faces confirms that what I just said is true. Now, here is my answer to your doubts. There is nothing to be ashamed of failure if you have done your very best. In fact, we all need to learn to fail graciously. We need to know that there are some days when our best is not enough. We need to accept that our opposition deserved to win. And in fact rejoice that we lost to a better team.

Young friends, success does not teach you much. But failures do. They are the best teachers if you are humble enough to go down with a winning attitude. Yes, learn to go down fighting. There shall be a resurrection yet. Out of ashes, you shall rise. That is my sure hope.

Therefore let nothing rattle your confidence. And the day will come when the world will stand up to applaud your crowning moment.

Let tomorrow be that day! Yes, you can!

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