Four Tips to Push Yourself to World-Class Performance

Coaches help you win. They push you to perform at your best and to achieve a world-class performance.

Performance management and optimisation is the key after you have put in all the hard work in your chosen passion and pursuit.

Performance becomes critical in all disciplines—be it athletics, sports and games, Formula One (F1) racing, coding, signing or dancing or acting, or without doubt public speaking too.

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Here are four important points I can remind you as a Performance Coach just before your important performance:

Be Yourself
Many lose at the final performances because they carry a subtle baggage of people they have imitated or looked to for inspiration as role models early in their lives. In mirroring your role models you limit being yourself. So do away with all that is not true to yourself. It can be even certain mannerisms or speech patterns you picked up from others.

Be Relaxed
Nothing hinders performance as much as tension and stress and nervousness. If you can manage to have a good peaceful sleep the previous night before your critical performance what a difference it can make! A certain amount of nervousness will be there when you are thoroughly prepared. But imagine it to a be a race horse raring to go.

Focus on Giving Your Best
Some habitual winners lose when they focus on winning the prize. This happens because they forget what made them winners in the first place—it was their thirst to do their best. But the label of winner is a tough one to carry. It puts a lot of pressure on you to keep winning and it makes you focus on winning the prize. This can affect your performance if you allow it to dominate your thoughts.

Enjoy the Process
All great performers enjoy what they do. They especially dream of doing well the few days that lead up to their performance. They entertain no negativity. Their minds are full of joy at what they are about to do. As Eric Lidell is found saying in the 1981 Oscar-winning movie Chariots of Fire, “I believe that God made me for a purpose. But He also made me fast, and when I run, I feel His pleasure.” So also you too focus on enjoying your performance.

To conclude, let me say that when you perform better than your best, you not only entertain but also inspire a host of others to raise their standards to that of excellence.

A Champion’s Mindset: Raise Your Game to Highest Performance
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