1 Minute Speech on Magicians and the Magic of Words!

Magicians communicate effectively. In other words without using words with felicity, one cannot be a successful magician.

A magician is an excellent public speaker. His ability to interact with audiences, elicit desired responses from them and also his ability to persuade them quickly to take certain roles during the magic show is an art all who desire to be good speakers need to learn from.

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Often we find magicians use some favourite phrase repeatedly. It not only creates a sense of unity to his entire performance but also creates a sense of anticipation in the audience as something amazing is going to happen. This is something similar to the sound bite “I have a dream” that Rev. Martin Luther King used in his famous speech.

Another impact of the magicians words is that he is able to divert the attention of the audience away from the sleight of hand trick he is going to do. This makes the jaws of the audience drop when the magic happens.

Some magicians make it a point to spread a social or moral message through their magic. For example, many magicians effectively convey the importance of staying united as a team, as a family and as a nation.

Many magicians also have the gift of motivating audience to do better in life. This is good as many need a spark to ignite them to skyrocket to success.

Again, a magician has a tremendous gift of voice modulation. Through effective variations of his voice he is able to create different moods in the mind of the audience as he desires. Combined with the colourful costumes, grand stage settings, the properties he uses and lively music, a magic show leaves us thirsting for more when it ends.

The following video is in Malayalam Language but included because it is presented by a well-known magician and its content refers to magic and magicians while presenting on the Biblical message of purity and love for God with great clarity:

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